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Raising awareness and take up of benefits

For The Public

Have you been on DLA for years, but have now had a letter about PIP?  Read our guide Pb95 DLA-2-PIP.

Warwickshire Welfare Rights Advice Service is funded primarily to support any agency that works with the public in Warwickshire. We train and support them so that they can advise you.



If you are an individual member of the public who needs help on a benefits issue have a look at our List of Useful Local and National Agencies to see who can help.

For example if you want to see if you are on the right benefits, go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau for a benefit check.


If you aren't happy with a benefit decision and want to appeal, have a look at our leaflet on HOW TO CHALLENGE A DECISION.

For more help, contact your local advice agency who can tell you if you have a case. They can refer you to WWRAS for free representation if you meet our referral criteria


Warwickshire Welfare Rights Advice Service has created a library of useful leaflets for the public to use.

These information items cover a wide range of situations and benefit issues.

They also include local contact points for further advice.

The leaflets are available to be viewed and downloaded for free by the people of Warwickshire.

Check out our LEAFLETS and choose the ones you need!