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Raising awareness and take up of benefits


Most Social Security Benefits and Tax Credits decisions can be appealed against.

Many people are successful at appeal, so it is often worth pursuing, but get advice from your local advice agency.

There are strict time limits to appeal by - usually within one month from the date on the decision letter (not from when it was received by you).

The rules changed in 2013 about what you must do if you are unhappy with a decision. For many benefits you now have to go through an internal review - called a mandatory reconsideration - before you can make an appeal to an independent tribunal - see our leaflet: HOW TO CHALLENGE A DECISION.

If you want some guidance on appeals, please contact us using our Guidance on Appeals Form.

There are a number of possible venues for the appeal for Warwickshire residents: most are in Coventry at the Magistrates Court, some can be held in the Justice Centre in Nuneaton or Leamington Spa. Depending on your postcode, some are also offered venues outside Coventry or Warwickshire.

Although based in a court building tribunals are NOT courts - the Tribunal simply uses one of the rooms in the court building.

WWRAS can offer help with appeals, including representation on the day but due to changes in our funding we now have a referral criteria that has to be met. If you have a social worker, support worker or similar, or if you contact your local advice agency they can see if you fit our criteria and can refer you if necessary.

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